Our distance training programs are offered by phone or Skype(or any other video conferencing platform). Why consider distance training? Because it is:

  • Accessible;

  • Travel-free; 

  • Flexible; 

  • Adaptable;

  • Conducive to conversation;

  • You can see your teacher (Skype/video conferencing);

  • You can see documents, write, share screen and much more(Skype/video conferencing);

  • Excellent practice for listening (phone courses);

  • A great way to get used to the phone as a tool in your second language (phone courses).

For all these reasons, distance training is really picking up amongst our clients.

Not all those using distance training do so because they cannot have access to on-site training. Some prefer this method because they receive calls in their second language. And using the same tool for their training helps break that barrier.

Same with Skype/video conferencing courses, busy business people can take their classes at the time that is convenient for them.

How do distance training programs work?

what People
say about us

Pour ce qui est du cours oui je fais du progrès j'ai plus de facilité à comprendre et ma prononciation est très bien selon mon professeur. J'ai été à New York en fin de semaine et j'avais moins peur de parler. Je ne comprends pas tout c'est sûr mais je me suis fait comprendre.
Je pense plus aux temps de verbes. Ce dimanche nous allons faire une révision de toute la matière.
J'ai beaucoup de plaisir avec mon professeur. Il n'est pas stressant je suis contente.

Mireille F..., client
Simplement pour vous remercier du professeur que vous m'avez assigné, elle est vraiment bonne et intéressante. Elle va à mon rythme et ne fait pas la morale. J'ai toujours hâte à mon cours.  Je tenais à vous le dire..
DANIELLE A..., client
Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know that I received results from my exam today and I have passed! Of course it took time and hard work but I owe a lot to my teacher too. She's a fabulous teacher. Thanks for pairing me up with her and for your service. Take care,
KAYLA ..., client
Ça va vraiment bien pour les cours. J’ai la chance d’avoir une excellente professeur, dévouée et qui a à cœur le développement de ses élèves. Je ne peux demander mieux. Dès que j’aurai terminé ce bloc, je vais en prendre un deuxième de 45 heures à la même fréquence. Merci!
RENÉE..., client
  • We first identify your goals;

  • We then determine your level by doing a phone evaluation;

  • From there, we create an individual training plan;

  • A teacher is assigned to you according to your availabilities.

  • Classes are given from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, in 30min, 60min or 90min duration, once, twice or three times per week

  • Grammar and other materials are sent via email or fax before classes;

  • The student calls the teacher or logs on to Skype at the agreed upon day/time;

  • You then practice what you have learned by telephone/Skype during your conversation classes;

  • Should a class need to be canceled, letting the teacher know with at least 24 hours notice means the class can be rescheduled. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the class is counted as having taken place.

We can use Skype to do this type of training. Skype is a free software which enables interaction via voice, image, chat and allows sharing of documents, through the Internet, provided that both participants have a computer equipped with microphones and webcams. And if both are registered users of Skype, regardless of where they may be in the world, the call is free.

From a pedagogical standpoint, this software offers great possibilities. It ranges from the visual support, to reading, listening and exchanging material without having to leave the comfort of your office, your home or your hotel room.

This is an ideal training option for learners who are frequently on the road.

When Skype (or another video conferencing platform) cannot be used, or when you are using the telephone as a communication tool, phone training is king. All you need is a telephone and the time to sit back and relax while taking your class. Regardless of where you may be, telephone training is only a call away. If you use your phone on a regular basis, regardless of the language, you should strongly consider this option. It puts your training right where it needs to be and it will eliminate that hesitation when answering a call in another language. Interested? Contact us now to find out about our specials

What we do?

Throughout the years, we have trained employees from more than 380 companies IN the greater Montreal area, the rest of Quebec, Toronto and the United States.

Our approach is developed for you thanks to 25 years of experience offering training to companies like yours. Regardless of your training needs, we are there to make it a reality, from start to finish.

Do you have a training need? Give us a call at (514) 849-2366 // 1 844 849-2366 or  email us to receive a free proposal.

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Here are the languages that we teach on a more regular basis:
  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Mandarin
  • Other: Need something different? We will build a program for you.

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