What is your level of English, French, or Spanish?

One of the points for which we have the most questions is for our placement tests.

The first thing we should specify is that our tests, like our courses, are conversation-based. Why is this important? Because our test evaluates how you speak the language, not necessarily what you know from a theoretical point of view. You are not answering a questionnaire. You are not reading. You are not watching a video. You are speaking with an evaluator.

Our test is very different from "standard" tests which have excellent credibility, but emphasize the other theoretical elements of the language. Although the 'oral' part of these tests is improving, the fact remains that it lags behind the other aspects. This generally gives an overestimate of the real level of learners as far as conversational skills.

Our test is one-on-one with an evaluator, in the form of an interview. It takes between 15min to 20min, the better you are the longer it lasts.

But just because we have 10 levels doesn't mean that every learner falls into exactly one level. The reality is that knowledge of a language exists on a continuum and not in predefined subgroups. Generally, our test gives us an excellent portrait of the learner's needs, but sometimes we have learners who are between two levels.

Our assessment is done by telephone or videoconference depending on where the learner is located.

As there is a teacher who evaluates you, the test has a cost; we pay the evaluator not only for the time of the test but also for writing the evaluation. Also included in these costs, is the service offer that will be sent along with the result of the evaluation.

If you take a 45-hour block, the test costs are credited when charged. This makes the test free for learners.

The situation is the same for businesses; we charge for all tests, but those who take the training will have a credit on the invoice.

Do you want to know your level in our educational grid? Click on the link below.