LANGAGE D'ICI presents our training solutions for companies. These solutions are the result of our 30 years of experience in the industry and that of our many teachers who have collaborated over the years in the creation of our training programs.

Our regular programs are designed to get your employees speaking as fast as possible, regardless of the language that you choose. Although our focus is on conversation, our courses can be personalized should you have specific needs. For example; email communication can be included (from a certain level). Also, the specific language of your field, or of your different services, is systematically added once the learners have reached a certain level. We can also work on a presentation or even include real-life scenarios in our conversational activities (for example; a job interview). For companies having multiple groups of different levels, mobility from one group to another is quite possible. These are some of the many benefits of organizing courses for your employees. Finally, when only your employees are part of the group, confidentiality is not an issue, they can talk freely about their reality.

All our oral programs are divided into 10 levels of 45 hours each. The first step is normally an oral evaluation of the participants. How do we do this evaluation? A teacher contacts each of the learners and asks them questions for about 15-20min. Depending on the answers, our grid, and the quality of the answers, we can tell at what level each learner is. Afterward, we can make group proposals (for group training programs) that will maximize learning, participation, and your budget. For private lessons, thanks to this evaluation, we have the starting point and the pedagogical objectives that will be covered for a block of 45 hours.

At LANGAGE D'ICI, we offer an excellent balance between structure and flexibility. How do we achieve this? Our programs have very specific objectives to be met at each level, but we do not meet them by following a specific method or book. As your employees' progress, a personalized lesson plan is created by the instructor taking into consideration the students' strengths, challenges, and work environment. We believe this approach is the most productive for your business and your employees.

Over the years, several alternatives to learning a language have appeared on the market. However, we firmly believe that the learner is the main architect of their success and that their learning is maximized by a qualified, prepared, and motivated teacher.

For several years, we have been offering our distance programs, for groups or private. There are several advantages to considering this type of learning. One of those; you can include employees or collaborators from different regions. In addition to allowing them to learn a new language, you also have a team-building activity amongst colleagues.

Each month, we send you the attendance sheets so that you can confirm who is taking classes. At the end of a 45-hour block, we will send you a progress report for each of your employees taking the classes.

Finally, for each block of 45 hours, up to 5 courses can be postponed to another date without a penalty if you do so with at least 24 hours' notice. A meeting is planned or an overload of work is a problem? Notify the teacher, and the course will be rescheduled.

Here are the languages that we teach on a more regular basis:



  • PD

    The choice for busy people who want highly personalized, and productive lessons. Everything is focused on your needs. Classes are by videoconference (mainly; Skype or Zoom). Tell us about your needs by clicking



Find out where you are in our grid of 10 levels! This test is completely free for private courses. One of our evaluators will contact you by phone, Zoom or Skype and question you for 15-20min. The result will tell us where you are at. Valid for English, French, and Spanish. Click here to make an appointment.