What are private courses? They are one-on-one conversation courses with a teacher. These online courses are personalized according to your needs.

All our private courses are built according to our 10-level pedagogical grid. This grid gives us the grammatical structures that must be seen, practiced, and reused when talking in your target language.

Thus, the first step is an evaluation of your level. Our oral test aims to assess your speaking proficiency with your target language. To find out more about our test, visit our test page.

With the result of this test, we have your starting point. Depending on your level, 60-90-minute lessons can be considered. Frequency is key, when possible, we would suggest classes two to three times per week.

All our courses are online. We typically use Zoom, and in some cases, we might use the phone. Yes, even today, the telephone remains an option for training for some. Why? Because the phone is used for business. Since this medium does not offer visual support, it is good to develop your reflexes in the target language to become comfortable when speaking on the phone.


Pour ce qui est du cours oui je fais du progrès j'ai plus de facilité à comprendre et ma prononciation est très bien selon mon professeur.  J'ai été à New York en fin de semaine et j'avais moins peur de parler. Je ne comprends pas tout c'est sûr, mais je me suis fait comprendre.
Je pense plus aux temps de verbes. Ce dimanche nous allons faire une révision de toute la matière.
J'ai beaucoup de plaisir avec mon professeur. Il n'est pas stressant, je suis contente.

Mireille F..., cliente
Simplement pour vous remercier du professeur que vous m'avez assigné, elle est vraiment bonne et intéressante. Elle va à mon rythme et ne fait pas la morale. J'ai toujours hâte à mon cours.  Je tenais à vous le dire..
DANIELLE A..., cliente
Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know that I received results from my exam today and I have passed! Of course it took time and hard work but I owe a lot to my teacher too. She's a fabulous teacher. Thanks for pairing me up with her and for your service. Take care,
KAYLA ..., cliente
Ça va vraiment bien pour les cours. J’ai la chance d’avoir une excellente professeure, dévouée et qui a à cœur le développement de ses élèves. Je ne peux demander mieux. Dès que j’aurai terminé ce bloc, je vais en prendre un deuxième de 45 heures à la même fréquence. Merci!
RENÉE..., cliente

At LANGAGE D'ICI, we have experienced teachers who adapt the training to your needs. They use lesson plans that aim to work on your weaknesses and help you progress quickly. This is one of the advantages of personalization.

We divide our teaching into blocs of 45 hours. Why 45 hours? Because that's the number of hours to complete a level. That being said, if you are progressing quicker, we will move to the next level. On the other hand, if you need to spend more time on certain structures, we will take the time necessary to get you to your goal. Our approach is based on your communication. We achieve our goal when you can communicate with your colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.

To achieve your goals, we suggest a fixed schedule. Why? Because, like exercise, acquiring your target language is based on consistency. The more regular you are, the more progress you will make. With a variable schedule, other priorities will soon take over and language classes become a thing of the past. Also, to keep your time slots, it is important to be regular. If not, it could be offered to another student. This is why we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Do you have an important meeting? Notify your instructor with at least 24 hours' notice and your class will be postponed. Each 45-hour block gives the possibility of deferring up to five (5) courses. Subsequently and with less than 24 hours notice, lessons are considered as given.

To assist with your learning, we have the following tools:

What are the advantages of private courses?

  • Your classes are one-on-one with a teacher;

  • Classes can start at any time;

  • Schedules are based on your availability and that of our teachers;

  • Duration can vary from 60min to 120min, depending on your level, frequency, preferences, and goals;

  • Courses' objectives and content can be adapted to your needs;

  • We include work-specific vocabulary once you have mastered a certain level to increase productivity, retention, and transfer;

  • Up to 5 classes for a 45-hour block can be rescheduled when you give your instructor 24 hours' notice.

  • Your level is determined by making an individualized oral assessment;

  • Theoretical material is emailed before each class;

  • You get to put into practice the theory during your conversation course;

  • A progress report is given every time you complete a 45-hour level.

Ready to go ahead? Register for our "free" placement test (the $50 fee will be applied to the purchase of a 45-hour block). Click on the link.