How do we make groups for language courses?

Do you have several employees needing language courses in your company? The most economical solution is to do group courses.

But how? We have the answer for you.

Firstly, we work with the training manager who will give us the name, email, and phone number of the learners.

We then find availabilities with our experienced teachers to do the evaluations. This process will vary depending on the number of people to be assessed and when the evaluations are done during the year. There are times when we have several training programs going on, so we might need several evaluators to do the evaluations. Same thing if you have a few dozen or even a hundred employees to evaluate.

We then contact the participants by offering them a few options. Generally, everything is compiled (name, schedule, and level) in an Excel document.

Once learners confirm a schedule, assessments begin. There are always adjustments to be made: those who answered the same time slot as a colleague, those who were away during the process, and those who did not show up. For all these learners, we repeat the process.

Once all the results are in, we start the grouping process. Together with your budget, your availability, and other company priorities, we look at the possibilities. The easiest part is to put learners of the same level together. But usually, it's not that simple. There will be levels that will not have enough learners and others that will have too many. Some are not exactly on one level, but between two. And some have schedule preferences.

As you can see, it's an interesting exercise that we do with each new mandate.

If you take the training, this exercise is free for participants. For those who have been assessed, but who will not take the training, a $50.00 fee per participant is applied.

Do you have a language training need for your team? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are the languages we teach regularly:

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