For many, vacations are a great time to get away. Away from work, away from the routine, and away from town.

Why not get away and learn at the same time? This is possible with our immersion program. Given that this is a program for professionals and business people, things are a little different than the aveerage immersion stay.

We start with your accommodation options: hotels, bed & breakfast, a room in an apartment/house or an entire house for yourself.

Then we plan language courses for your needs; 20 to 30 hours per week.

Finally, we take care of the extra stuff: what do you like?

  • Getting to know local business people/ business owners in your industry? We can plan company visits and meetings with influencers;

  • More interested in cultural activities? We find out what’s happening town and make the arrangements for you;

  • Sports are more your thing? We can facilitate gym membership, pool sessions, a personal trainer, etc. and organise for you to see your favorite sporting activities when possible; 

  • Want to get away and visit the important points of interest? We know where to take you.

For For French and English immersion, we organize the programs in Montreal. Why Montréal?

  • A lot of housing options, from hotels, to bed & breakfast, to Airbnb apartments at a very competitive price;

  • International flights fly in and out of Pierre-Eliot Trudeau airport on a regular basis and many airline companies serve Montreal making it very affordable;

  • In Montreal, we have English and French native language teachers as we are truly bilingual; 

  • The city has a lot to offer; great food, sports, music, shows, museum, festivals, a great public transport system and above all, it is all very safe;  

  • The business sector is very developed, varied and easily accessible; within a few kilometers, you have access to a wide range of companies;

  • The business sector is well organized and easy to approach and understand, with chamber of commerce branches, meetings, company lists online, etc...

For all these reasons, making your next vacation a productive one with us in Montréal makes all the sense in the world, whether you’re traveling alone, with your significant other, and/or with your kids.

Many things go into the planning of your immersion program. Here is some of the information we’ll need:

  • How long will you be staying?

  • How many people?

  • What type of accommodation would you like?

  • What type of activities do you like?

  • How many hours of learning would you like to have per day/per week?

  • When would you like to travel?

  • What language would you like to learn?

  • What level are the learners at?

With all of this information, we will be able to come up with a proposal. Interested? Contact us and give us a little more information. We would be happy to come up with an immersion training program built just for you.

Here are the language options for immersion programs:

  • French immersion
  • Spanish immersion
    (in Mexico - soon)
  • English immersion

Immersion courses:
learn a language
enjoy a city

What we do?

Throughout the years, we have trained employees from more than 380 companies IN the greater Montreal area, the rest of Quebec, Toronto and the United States.

Our approach is developed for you thanks to 25 years of experience offering training to companies like yours. Regardless of your training needs, we are there to make it a reality, from start to finish.

Do you have a training need? Give us a call at(514) 849-2366 // 1 844 849-2366 or email us to receive a free proposal.

Here are the ways we can train your people:

  • English conversation
  • Written English courses
  • French conversation
  • Written French courses
  • Spanish conversation courses
  • Portuguese conversation courses
  • Mandarin conversation and written courses
  • Group courses at your company
  • Private courses at your company
  • Private distance learning courses
  • Immersion program
  • Specialty courses at your business
  • Specialty public courses
  • Organizing courses for your company

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